Alkali detergents only clean, they can not sterilize the system, plus they are harder to rinse. Alkali chlorinated detergents on the other hand, can both clean and sterilize the system. Neither alkali nor alkali chlorinated products can clean calcifications(which happens over time because of water lime) Incomplete or wrong usage of acidic detergents can trigger microbic problems over time.

The biggest and most common mistake while using acidic detergents is using them singlehandedly. lgnorence and financial reasons causes wrong and incomplete uses of acidic detergents and this in turn causes much bigger problems for establishments over time.

VS 150 NONFOAM Alkali, Chlorinated, Liquid Cleaning Product

VS 160 Low Foam , Alkali, Liquid Chlorinated Cleaning Product

VA 250 ACIDMEN Acidic Products

VA 260 Acidic Products

ND 13 Peracidic Hygiene Provider