Professional cleaning industry started in Europe at the beginning of 20th century. During First and Second world wars, cleaning and hygiene played an important role in military.

After Second World War, Cleaning and hygiene industry gain more importance due to technological developments and improvements on standart of living and many professional companies started production during 1950s around the world.

In Turkey, cleaning industry has begun it’s resurgence during 1980s. Especially after 1985, with incentives to Tourism, cleaning industry too has started to develop. Tourism sector as with many other fields, pioneered cleaning industry to prominence.

Neta; since it’s foundation in 1994, has been developing products in order to satisfy it’s customers’s cleaning and hygiene related needs, and provides solution-oriented services. In accordance with technological developments and feedback from our clients, we strive to improve our products, services and systems and continue our R&D activities accordingly.

It should not be forgotten that, cleaning and hygiene must be fast, simple and effective for the end user. For institutions it should also be reliable and affordable. Complex application and methods increases the likelihood of problems for users.

Neta; with easy to use and implement systems.ensures most efficient use of time for it’s clients. These systems also provides cost control for professional users.

Neta; provides services in following fields
– Kitchen Hygiene,
– Laundry Hygiene
– Building Maintenance Hygiene,
– General Hygiene
– Personal Hygiene
– Pool Hygiene
– Food and Drink Industries Hygiene
– Farm and Shelter Hygiene

Neta with modern production facilities, research and development labs and new technological investments, continues it’s growth in accordance with it’s clients needs and desires, Produces new strong and quality products in order to provide customer demands.

We value the following principles
– Understand you and focus on your problems
– Accumulation of knowledge and experience,
– Quality and eco-friendly products,
– Research and development possibilities,
– Regular and routine technical service ,
– Consultation and training services
– Cost analysis,

In order to provide solutions for our clients hygiene and cleaning needs. We as Neta, with all our employees in every stage of our organisation, will continue to develop all your product, system and service needs with technology, and also we employees will provide solutions for our client’s cleaning and hygiene related needs in accordance with developments of our time and technological level. And will continue to be frontrunners of the market with innovations we produce for our clients. We hope to provide services for your cleaning and hygiene related needs in this catalog where we present our goods and services.