Security Information Form

It is an identity card for each product produced in MSDS Chemical Industry. Based on real information, the preparation of the Product MSDS, namely GBF (Safety Data Sheet), is very important and necessary. In order to create a conscious and accurate GBF, the Turkish Standards Institute gives the GBF Preparatory Certificate to the right holders who pass the exam by giving training and subsequent exams.

The fact that chemical producers have a Chemical Engineer with a GBF preparatory Certificate is proof that the production will be done correctly and safely in that company. Our company employee engineers have a GBF preparatory Certificate for 3 terms in the three-year period when the certificate started to be issued.

Some companies have GBF prepared by getting outsourced support for the products they produce. It is necessary to think to what extent the MSDSs prepared by people who are not in production personally represent the products of that company.

The GBFs of our company products are always updated by authorized and GBF Certified engineers who are always in production.