Neta, provides frequent reports on textile cleaning and hygiene and provides training of the personnel.

Neta; is specialised in laudry hygiene, understands clients needs with analysis in clients laundry rooms(- textile type, water quality, temperature, steam, machine used are some of the criterias for the analysis) and provides most efficient program and washing suggestions, gives advise whether to use manuel dosing or fully automatic dosing systems.


Poorly laundered textilesInsufficient dosage
Wrong program


Uncatagorised laundry

High water level

High water hardness

Check dosage of detergent and enhancers
Check selected programme


Categorise your laundry as heavy medium and light

Check water level

Check water hardness.Recommended water hardness 3 dH

Greyness, hardnessHigh water hardness
Insufficient dosage


Saltwater usage

Inadequate water level

inadequate rinsing number

Inadequate ringsing time

Use treated water if possible
Check proper dosage


Check saltiness and use neutralisers if necessary

Check rinsing water level

No less than 3 rinsing

no quicker than 3 5 minute rinsing

Laundy going yellowHigh iron ratio
Detergent residue


Excessive use of fabric soften

Ironing on high temperatures

Drying on high temperatures

Long drying time

Check iron level on cold, hot temperatures and with steam
Check rinsing time and water level


Do not use more fabric softener than recommended

Check iron temperature

Check drying temperature

Do not keep laundries in the dryer too long.

Fading/ discolorationLow quality paint on textile
High laundry temperature


Wrong bleach usage arbitraryuse of stain removers

High dose chemical usage

Check colorfastness of the textile
Launder at lower temperatures


Use products wout bleach

Check on some unseen side of the textile before applying stain removers

Check textile label for laundry preferences

Loss of stretchinnes/ accumulation of fibers on washing machinesPoor quality chlorinated bleach usage
High dose of chemical usage, esp, stain, blood removers


Laundring on high temperatures for too long

textile quality

Choose oxygenised bleach if possible
Use proper amounts of chemicals


Check laundry program

Check textile quality

Local puncture and tears *Control for any burrs
Do not pour your chemicals directly into the laudry


Use of chlorinated bleache on high temparture

WrinklesLaundring at high temperatures
Wringin at high speed
Do not rinse with cold water keep the temperature under control and decrease the temperature step by step
Choose Laundry pressing programs according to the type of the textile being washed
Fiber pullout on sensitive laundriesImproper program choice
Burr in the machine
Choose proper program
Check for burrs
Coloration of white laundries* Laundring white and colored textiles togetherLaunder whites and coloreds seperately
Use dry cleaning and always launder at half the price