Floor Care Problems, according to the definition issue the occurred problems, causes of problems, application errors and solutions.


Wear on marble floors*Unpolished surface
*Inadequate care
*Excessive dust
*Heavy traffic
*Surfaces must be polished with proper polishing agent
*Use proper cleaning product and use care products frequently
*Clean with dry mops applied with dust gathering products
*Use mats before and during heavy traffic
Wear on granite surfaces*Heavy traffic
*Wrong product use
*Local wear and tear
*Local stains
*Prevent damage to surface from quartz crystals by mopping with a dry mop
*Use proper product with mop or automat
*If beyond repair, weared surface must be replaced.
Stain and handprint on stainless floors*Yellowing and dust accumulation on stainless surfaces
*Fingerprint on stainless surfaces
*Black brown stains on stainless surfaces
*Local lines on stainless surfaces
*For stainless steel cleaner, one spray per 1m2 is enough. Afterwards it should be cleaned and polished with very dry cotton dustcloth
*Applied products must be dried away after usage, also for first time use, using two times is recommended
*Metal burns caused by spilled acids must be fixed with steel floor sander
Wear and dirtiness on vinyl floor covering*Unpolished surface
*Heavy traffic
*Wrong product use
*Cleaning with dirty equipment
*High water hardness
*Volishes must be applied on vinyl floor coverings at least 3 times and frequent cleaning and care must be done.
*Mopping systems must be used when heavy traffic occurs. Accumulation and entry of dust and particals must not be allowed
*Use neutral cleaning products suitable for floor type
*Pay attention to keep your cleaning equipments clean
*If cleaning water is hard, stains are inevitable. In this case, use dry mop after cleaning
Mop stain on shiny surfaces*Wrong chemical choice
*Residual mob stains on floors
*Use suitable cleaning product on shiny surfaces after application of the products
*If cleaning water is hard, stains are inevitable. In this case, use dry mop after cleaning