Personal Care Products In our day, we as as society live collectively, for both our health and environmental health we must care about our personnel hygiene and prevent cross contamination. Personal hygiene starts with hands and continues on with body.

After going to the toilet, the number of microorganisms in our hands is above 7 billion, considering that, hands are powerful and dangerous weapons. Also consider the place and importance of our hands;

• We use them for communication.

• We need hands for all kinds of jobs (Cooking, writing, caryying etc).

• we use them to show affection. And also many more things Whatever your place in the society is;

• Parent

• Chef, butcher, doctor, teacher

• Personnel working on a food processing company

• Guest at an hotel

• Or any individual in our society


Skin Care K100 Liquid Hand Wash

Hand soap that is used with an apparatus.
Product CodeWeightNumberForm
1451155 kg4Liquid
14511723 kg1Liquid

Skin Care K200 Hygienic Hand Wash

Anti-bacteriel, hygienic hand cleaning liquid to be used before and after production.
Product CodeWeightNumberForm
1453155 kg4Liquid
14531723 kg1Liquid

Skin Care K300 Foamy Hand Soap

Hand Cleaning product that is used with a special apparatus, provides maximum cleaning and lowers water consumption.
Product CodeWeightNumberForm
1455155 kg4Liquid
14551723 kg1Liquid

Skin Care K400 Disinfectant Foamy Hand Soap

Disinfectant anti bacteriel cleaning liquid fr use before and after production.

Product CodeWeightNumberForm
1547155 kg4Liquid
15471723 kg1Liquid

Skin Care K500 Champoo

Hair care champoo for all hair types.

Product CodeWeightNumberForm
1461155 kg4Liquid
14611723 kg1Liquid

Skin Care K520 Champoo and Body Gel

Champoo that can also be used as npdy gel, contains cream and has its own apparatus.

Product CodeWeightNumberForm
1461500,500 kg12Liquid
1461555 kg4Liquid

Skin Care K550 Body Champoo

General purpose body gel.

Product CodeWeightNumberForm
1465155 kg4Liquid

Skin Care K590 Bath Foam

Foamy, aromatic bath foam.

Product CodeWeightNumberForm
1469155 kg4Liquid

Skin Care K900 Alcohol Based Disinfectant

Alcohol based disinfectant that is used before production.

Product CodeWeightNumberForm
1491155 kg4Liquid