Building Maintenance Problems and Problem Solving


Insufficient Cleaning Performance

Insufficient cleaning frequency

Inadequate or wrong product usage

Inadequate ventilation

Leaving drain lids open

Insufficiently cleaned urinals and non functioning flushes

Increase cleaning frequency depending on traffic
Do not try to subdue the stench, instead try to disinfect the cause of with

Make sure it’s ventilated adequately

Cap the drains or make sure there is water in order to prevent air passage

Ensure influx of water

Black and yellow spots on WC floor* High ratio of mangan and iron* Prevent water leakage
Limestone and other stains on fountain and armatureWater hardness
Wrong product use
Clean and dry with organic descaler
Do not use wrong type of product on wrong surfaces. (Do NOT use products for toilets on armatures)
Wear and tear on bathroom surfaces* Wrong Product use* Depredation caused by wrong product usage can only be corrected by replacing the depredated areas
Calcification on shower cabinsCalsifications on shover cabins
Water stains on shower cabins
Use lightly acidic procuts, otherwise you may damage your shower cabins
Use organic acid products
Joint gap tarnishin in bathrooms and WC* Inadequate cleaning* WC floor must be washed frequently with correct cleaning products, preferably using hot water.
Dusty and dirty looking chandelier crystals* Inadequate cleaning, wrong product usage* Fast drying, fast acting cleaning products must be applied frequently
Tarnishing of brass and copper materials* Inadequate care and cleaning* Use brass and copper polisher products frequently in order to prevent oxidization